Social and Recreational Opportunities
You know your own needs best. Be your own social director - be as involved or as private as you like. Join other residents in the Lounge for morning coffee, read the paper, or curl up beside the fireplace with a good book.

Stay Active
There are stationary bikes and treadmills in the games room, garden plots outside, and four floors of extra wide hallways for indoor walks.

Pet-free Environment

If you have concerns about allergies or other pet-related health issues, you will be relieved to know that there is a no-pets policy at Cascade Court, ensuring that animals do not live in the building you are going to call home.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer opportunities abound at Cascade Court - from organizing a group of residents for a tour, playing the piano, teaching a craft or sharing computer know-how - the list is endless. Whatever your interest, there is a place for you and people to share it with.

Church Life and Worship
Cascade Court offers a myriad of choices for fellowship with others. In British Columbia's picturesque Fraser Valley, there are over 130 churches. Whatever your religion or faith, there is something here for you. The Salvation Army's Cascade Community Church is conveniently connected to Cascade Court and offers a variety of programs, services and opportunities for fellowship.


    Gracious Living, Simply Amazing!
You, too can enjoy this incredible lifestyle.
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The ocean, the mountains, the forest - all within reach of your Cascade Court home.